Human Resources Management

Customized HR Solutions to meet your business needs!

Many small businesses may not be able to justify the expense of a full-time HR department, so Polykarpou HRD has just the answer.

Our HRM Consulting Services provide an easy, outsourced solution to maintaining high standards in your employment practices. From helping create Job Descriptions and HR Manuals, to handling more complex HR issues such as Recruitment and Termination, our team can handle it all. This will help free up your time and keep you focused on running your business.

Below is an overview of the services we offer.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your HR needs.

Strategic HR Management / Recruitment

If you are running a business without a dedicated HR Support Team, we offer ad hoc consultancy services if and when you need them. By assessing your current and future labor needs, we can help you protect your business and employees from the risks associated with common HR mistakes. This includes developing a plan of action and offering support in all areas of HR, from Recruitment and Selection to Termination and Redundancies, to improve both employee performance and satisfaction in the long term.

Administration Forms

In order to operate smoothly, a business needs certain tools. This could mean equipment, machinery, or, most importantly, well-organized HR processes. Polykarpou HRD undertakes the planning and creation of all HR administration forms that relate to a number of HR activities, helping you stay on track and record the progress of your employees. These include Job Applications, Leave of Absence Applications, Annual Leave, Tables to be posted (for hotels, restaurants, retail etc), and more.

Employee Handbook

Every company has its set of specific values and expectations that must be communicated in a clear and consistent manner so that employees can follow them. We undertake the creation of an Employee Handbook which will gather together all relevant information for employees, including information about the company, its policies, services, and benefits, as well as the rules governing its operation. This booklet also offers guidelines for employment.

Employment Contracts & Job Descriptions

An employee contract is a framework of cooperation between the employer and the employee. This essential agreement is crucial for ensuring employee satisfaction, as well as minimizing employers’ liability. Polykarpou HRD has extensive experience in the drafting of labor contracts. We take into account your company strategy and policies, relevant legislation, and conditions of employment to help you put together a clear and concise framework for cooperation.

Human Resources Manual

A manual will help improve the consistency and reliability of your company, as well as give your employees a solid structure to follow. Polykarpou HRD undertakes the creation of an HR Management Manual that will serve as a formal roadmap for procedures executives and employees must follow in order to perform their tasks correctly. These include:
– Procedure for selecting candidates
– Disciplinary action and termination
– Induction and Orientation
– Performance Evaluation
– Training and Development