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By signing up for the HRD i-Support Service, you will have access to information and guidance that will help you better manage your company’s personnel matters.

A highly qualified and knowledgeable HR expert provides specialized support and information services on all matters relating to human resources.

  • Industrial Relations
  • Labor Laws
  • Management of Human Resources

Efficient Support, Information and Advisory Services

On-Call Support

Practical on-call advice to guide you through any issues that may arise throughout the workday, including solutions for difficult employee situations, legal advice pertaining to HR, and other personnel matters. Complete documentation of all labor laws and sample forms.

Regular Updates

Employment legislation and practices are constantly changing, and we provide regular informative updates on subjects such as:

  • Dealing with labor disputes under the labor code, labor law and European directives.
  • Your organization’s obligations as per the relevant labor laws, including terms of employment, termination of employment, social security, annual leave, sick leave, etc.
  • Starting wages, minimum wages, and working hours.
  • Work environment, health, and safety, employee benefits.

Specialized Services

We undertake specialized services for large or small-scale projects, such as designing your company’s organizational structure, implementing performance appraisal systems, and recruitment. These services can be provided upon agreement of a fixed price, depending on the nature and duration of the project.

Become a member of HRD i-Support Service!

  • Monthly Subscription

    Whether you are just starting out, or your business is long-established, our expert support will grant you peace of mind, and eliminate the need for outside legal or financial guidance. Includes regular visits and participation in administrative decisions on personnel issues.

  • Yearly Subscription

    This basic subscription is a cost-effective way to gain access to your very own HR consultant and personnel management specialist.

Special prices apply to Groups of Companies

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