About Us

We specialize in Human Resources Training & Development!
Whether it is highly effective human resources solutions and practical support or first-rate vocational training, we remain focused on providing services that empower professionals and help organizations take their business to the next level.

Our core services

Vocational Training

Are you a business manager who always seeks to develop his employee’s skills?

We offer a wide range of open seminars and specialized vocational training sessions, designed and delivered by a team of experienced instructors.

The sessions can take place both within our clients’ premises or at the Cyprus Hospitality Educational Institute. All training sessions and seminars are customized and tailored, according to your company’s specific set of needs.

Industrial Relations

Workplace relations and legal issues can often become complex, requiring a specialist’s assistance.

That is where we come in, providing specialized consulting and support services for any issues related to personnel management and the complex interrelations between employers and employees, including any legal issues that may arise during the time of employment.

Human Resources Management

Fully customized Human Resources solutions and reliable expertise in every aspect of HR!

We are dedicated to helping you handle Human Resource issues, hire the best professionals in the market, and develop your employees, so you can focus on growing and developing your business!

We deliver services of exceptional quality, drawing upon the accumulated professional experience of our team as well as the additional knowledge we obtain from our globally-recognized partners, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)!

Our Instructors

We are proud of our instructors,
whose passion, expertise and invaluable knowledge is the
key to the success of our training courses.