Kitchen CookThe program is intended for on-the-job training and it’s main purpose is the development of knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals working in the Kitchen,  recognizing the importance of this department in a catering business.

The certification is supported by the “START” programs and is divided into three sections for the trainee:

  • Knowledge that all hospitality employees need
  • Knowledge specific to the Kitchen Cook position
  • Skills Validation List

Successful candidates who complete the START program and pass the certification exam will receive a certification, lapel pin and global recognition for their accomplishment.

Some of topics:

  • Professional standards personal appearance and property policies.
  • Kitchen safety, Health & sanitary regulations
  • Culinary terms, knives, tools & equipment
  • Kitchen preparation- standard recipe development, weighing & measuring, yield testing, stock system etc.
  • Meal preparation- nutrition, plate presentation and garnishes, special situations, banquet event orders, leftovers etc.



DURATION: 28 Hours