Barista Basics

A program that addresses the basic coffee making skills of all catering professionals!

Coffee is the most popular beverage. All restaurants, bars and hotels serve coffee. And since there is not always a specialized barista, there is a need to train the wider Team of restaurants and bar employees, in the basic knowledge of making a good coffee.

The program aims to provide people with or without experience, the basic knowledge and skills in making espresso, helping staff acquire skills to provide consistently quality coffee as part of the guest’s expectations of quality service.

Who can attend?

This program is aimed at all service staff of an F&B business, including Waiters, Bar and Cafeteria attendants. It is aimed at employees where the preparation and serving of coffee is part of their duties.

Program Goals

After the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the origin and main varieties of coffee.
  • Distinguish and describe the taste characteristics resulting from extraction.
  • Adjust the mill to ensure product quality.
  • To organize the preparation area so that they are productive during peak hours.
  • Clean machinery to ensure hygiene and safety.
  • To manufacture good quality espresso based on company standards.
  • Make frothed milk and prepare basic coffee orders.
  • Contribute to the quality, efficient and productive work regarding the serving of coffee and drinks of their business.
  • To defend their skills and knowledge in the art of coffee.

Training method:

The training method used is  “on the job”, meaning that most of the program takes place in real working conditions and participants will practice in real time, following theoretical masterclass. This hybrid approach ensures that learning is immediately applicable and integrated into daily operations.

Our experienced and certified instructors will provide continuous Training and guidance, based on SCA international standards.


Program Duration: 7-14 hours, according the needs of your business.

Our Trainers are professional Baristas and accredited Instructors guided by Espresso Academy – Italy

The Espresso Academy courses will be conducted by a team of four expert instructors, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of coffee.

Our program is based on SCA standards. Participants who complete our trainings can follow steps HERE to get the ultimate recognition of the Coffee Society.

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