Certified Guest Room Attendant

Guestroom attendants are the backbone of the Housekeeping team, ensuring that the very reason guests visit a property – the guestroom – is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness and every guestroom need is met. This course recognizes the skills and abilities of these professionals, and helps develop them further.

Successful candidates who complete the START program and pass the certification exam will receive a certification, lapel pin and global recognition for their accomplishment.

What you will gain

  • Personal development of knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Hands-on techniques for consistently high standards of cleanliness
  • Practical knowledge about Room Status Codes, safety and security issues, and use of cleaning supplies and chemicals
  • Critical thinking to help solve any situation that may arise on the job

Benefits For The Hospitality Business

  • A certified and highly trained Housekeeping professional who will use knowledge and methodologies to advance and benefit the company
  • Companies will proudly employ trained employees with a Certification awarded by a world-renowned Certification Board


  • Professional standards personal appearance and property policies.
  • Quality Guest Service, personal data protection and social media
  • Lost and found procedures, security, emergencies, guests with disabilities
  • How to use a room assignment sheet.
  • Types of guest amenities, cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Use of cleaning supplies and chemicals correctly and safety.
  • The guestroom and bathroom Cleaning sequence

Who can take this course

The Certified Guest Room Attendant is open to Line employees or supervisors in Housekeeping Operations in the Hospitality industry.