Certified Hotel Administrator CHA®


Get your managerial skills and professional experience recognized through the most prestigious certification for General Managers and Hospitality Executives!
Endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LEI).

CHA® acts as a formal recognition of the important skills of leadership and management at every level of a hospitality operation. It identifies the recipient as being part of an elite group of Hospitality Professionals who have combined education, experience, and industry dedication to achieve a high level of expertise. Upon completion, successful candidates will be fully equipped to take their hospitality operation to new heights.

From establishing a vision to executing it through correct employee management and continuing education, general managers and hospitality executives will have a new arsenal of tools to help them ensure the financial success of the hotel property under their management.

What you will gain

• Develop your knowledge and skills through a high level of vocational training
• Prestigious, global certification
• Competitive advantage in a dynamic industry landscape
• Higher growth opportunities in terms of salaries, promotions, and career development
• Use of designation in letterheads, business cards, social media profiles, etc.
• Flexible self-study that can be adjusted according to professional schedule

Upon completion, you will receive a jewelled lapel pin

Benefits For The Hospitality Business

• Highly trained Executive who will use knowledge and methodologies to advance and benefit the company
• Company will proudly employ trained executives, certified by a world-renowned Certification Board.


  • Motivation & Leadership
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Rooms Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Revenue Management


Spyros Michaelides

Guest speakers

Mr. Andreas Georgiou

Amathus Hotel General Manager, CHA

Mr. George Stylianou

Hotel Financial Executive with academic experience on teaching


To be eligible for the CHA® Certification, individuals must be employed and have at least two years of experience in any of the following positions:
• General Manager
• Hotel Owner/Operator
• Corporate Executive Regional Manager
• Corporate Director of Operations
• Assistant General Manager, Director of Operations/Rooms Division (eligible only after having successfully completed the CRDE Certification, or if individual has ultimate Corporate Responsibility for rooms, marketing, finance, food and beverage, revenue management, human resources or engineering at a hotel company responsible for the operation of two or more properties).

The time in position requirement can be reduced by one year if you meet the following conditions:
• One current AH&LEI department head certification
• A degree from an accredited academic institution

Steps to follow

  • Send your registration online or via email (info@polykarpouhrd.com) with your CV attached by 30 June 2022
  • Once your application is evaluated, you should receive an e-mail approval and pay enrolment.
  • Complete AH&LEI application form on line with the assistance of our instructors
  • Instructions and codes for access to the CHA® material will be given to you.
  • Study period of 6 months for all 7 topics.
  • Participate in Training review online workshops in November  2022
  • Take the CHA® exam paper based.

Total training time is 28 sessions of 4hours, twice a week                 

Prerequisites: Hotel Manager position
Enrollment Fees: € 1,000
After Subsity: € 834 + VAT (€475)
Initial Cost: € 2,500 + VAT (€475)
Hours: 16:00 - 20:00
Webinars / Online
Dates: Every Tuesday & Thursday from November 2022 February 2023