One of the most important aspects of a hotel is that of cleanliness and Guestroom attendants are the backbone of the housekeeping team

The program is aiming to train behavioral attitudes and skills in cleaning rooms, offices, and common areas in a hotel unit, as well as to prevent and deal with possible situations that might have an impact on the health & safety of guests and employees.

The program is carried out within the establishment, combining classroom lessons and practical guidance at work. The duration depends on the need of the department.

Instructors shall be training, coaching, and guiding your Team members following the professional International standards of “Certified Guest Room Attendant” designation by AH&LEI, the most recognized Educational Institute in Hospitality.

Not only Qualified, be Certified!

Optionally, participants may choose to give AH&LEI exams, in order to receive professional certification and become “Certified Guest Room Attendant”.

The certification is supported by the “START” (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training) programs.

Successful candidates who complete the quickSTART program and pass the 30 multiple-choice Guest Room Attendant certification exams with a score of 70% or higher will receive a certificate, lapel pin, and global recognition for their accomplishment.

All training programs are delivered within the property, at a time convenient to the Company.

Fully Subsidized by HRDA!
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  • Professional standards personal appearance and property policies.
  • Quality Guest Service, personal data protection and social media
  • Lost and found procedures, security, emergencies, guests with disabilities
  • How to use a room assignment sheet.
  • Types of guest amenities, cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Use of cleaning supplies and chemicals correctly and safety.
  • The guestroom and bathroom Cleaning sequence

Who can take this course

The Certified Guest Room Attendant is open to Line employees or supervisors in Housekeeping Operations in the Hospitality industry.


Duration: 14-21 hours, according to your needs
Location: At company's premises or our Educational Center (CHEI)
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