Cookery for Professionals

On-the-job coaching!

Train your Kitchen employees, during real working time. On-the-job training means that your employees shall practice in real-time, following demonstration sessions and masterclasses.

The programs aim to train participants on:

  • New Cooking Trends
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Preparation, Production, and Service of Dishes, Buffets, and Decoration
  • Theme-based Cuisines (Cypriot, Greek, Italian, Asian, Mexican, etc.)
  • Cold Kitchen, Appetizers, and Breakfast
  • Meat and Fish Processing
  • Pastry Making

After consultation with our Team of Instructors, the length of the programs shall be decided. Instructors will be training, coaching, and guiding your team members following the International Standards of AH&LEI, the most acknowledged hospitality institution worldwide.

Not only qualified, be Certified!

Optionally, participants may choose to give AH&LEI exams, to receive professional certification, lapel pin, and global recognition for their accomplishments.

The certification is supported by the “START” (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training) programs.

Successful candidates who complete the quickSTART program and pass “Kitchen Cook” certification exams with a score of 70% or higher will receive a certificate, lapel pin, and global recognition for their accomplishment.

All training programs are delivered within the property, at a time convenient to the Company.

Fully subsidized by HRDA!
Indicative Modules
  • Professional standards personal appearance and property policies.
  • Kitchen safety, Health & sanitary regulations
  • Culinary terms, knives, tools & equipment
  • Kitchen preparation- standard recipe development, weighing & measuring, yield testing, stock system etc.
  • Meal preparation- nutrition, plate presentation and garnishes, special situations, banquet event orders, leftovers etc.
Who can take this course


Duration: 28-70 hours, according to your needs
Location: At company's premises or our Educational Center (CHEI)
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