Food Safety Managing with the HACCP System

This course is part of the F&B Management Specialization and presents the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method of food safety using a systematic, easy-to-understand approach that is geared towards Supervisors and Manages in the Hospitality Industry.

The course acts as useful resource of clearly defined terms and detailed lists of food safety responsibilities that participants can put into practice in their own food and beverage operations.

What you will gain

  • In-depth knowledge of the many areas of Food Safety Management, including:
    • Food-borne illness outbreaks
    • Major food allergens
    • Time-temperature controls for safety of potentially hazardous foods
    • Provisions regarding the re-servicing of foods

Benefits For The Hospitality Business

  • A certified and highly trained Manager/Supervisor who will use knowledge and methodologies to advance and benefit the company
  • Companies will proudly employ trained executives with a Diploma awarded by a world-renowned Certification Board


  • Food Safety Risk Management and the HACCP System
  • Food Contamination and Spoilage
  • The Menu Planning and Purchasing Control Points
  • The Receiving, Storing, and Issuing Control Points
  • The Preparing, Cooking, and Holding Control Points
  • The Serving Control Point
  • The Cleaning and Maintenance Control Point
  • Facilities Cleaning and Maintenance

Who can take this course

Food Safety Managing with the HACCP System is open to managers or supervisors in Food and Beverage Operations in the Hospitality and Catering industries, including Owners and Managers of Restaurants and Bars. This particular course is also suitable for Chefs and Quality Managers.

It is part of the AH&LEI’s five-course Food and Beverage Management Specialization


Duration: 28 Hours
24 Apr - 15 May, 2024
Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: CHEI Limassol
Company Cost After Subsidy: €260
Initial Cost: €820
Special Price for Individuals

Unemployed individuals may attend the course for FREE, upon referral from PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE