Guest Service Professional (CGSP®)

Golden opportunities are moments and exchanges that, depending on your actions, can leave a guest feeling delighted or disappointed.

Using a combination of vital elements, Guest Service Gold® demonstrates how to provide a level of guest service that leaves a lasting impression on each of your guests, inspires your coworkers and helps you build friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • Guest Service Gold® is the preparation course for the Certified (CGSP®) designation.
  • A property that certifies all of its line-level employees that are in contact with guests will become a Certified Guest Service Property. 


Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities features these seven elements:

  • Recovery: Turn it Around!
  • Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience!
  • Knowledge: Be in the Know!
  • Passion: Inspire Others!
  • Commitment: Be All In!
  • Inclusion: Include Everyone!
  • Personality: Be Yourself!


Duration: 14 hours
Dates: October
After Subsidy:
Initial Cost:
Discount for Individuals: 20% off
Location: On-Line (Webinar)