Guest Service Professional (CGSP®)

Guest service is the foundation of every hospitality career. With the Guest Service Gold training, professionals in the Hospitality industry can gain valuable skills on how to provide a level of guest service that leaves a lasting impression on guests, inspires coworkers, and helps build strong bonds that last a lifetime.

The Guest Service Gold training leads to the Certified Guest Professional (CGSP) designation, which delivers solid guest service skills that will be a valuable addition to any hospitality operation.

Property Certification

Properties that certify all line-level employees who have frequent contact with guests will be designated a ‘Certified Guest Service Property.’

Benefits For The Hospitality Business

  • A certified and highly trained Guest Service professional who will use knowledge and methodologies to advance and benefit the company
  • Companies will proudly employ trained executives with a Diploma awarded by a world-renowned Certification Board


  • Recovery: Turn it Around!
  • Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience!
  • Knowledge: Be in the Know!
  • Passion: Inspire Others!
  • Commitment: Be All In!
  • Inclusion: Include Everyone!
  • Personality: Be Yourself!

Who can take this course

All employees, especially, those who are often in direct contact with guests


Duration: 14 hours

The program can be implemented in Property, as an Inhouse program and shall be subsidized by ANAD. It should be scheduled at least one month in advance.