Housekeeping Professionals

  • Addressed to all Housekeeping staff
  • Duration: 14 -40 hours

One of the most important aspects of a hotel is that of cleanliness. Housekeeping departments have obligations to customers in relation, not only to cleaning the room.The latest developments have brought the hotel industry, faced with a crisis situation that we are called to manage effectively. The next day will be decisive, since it will bring us face to face with a different everyday life.The aim of the program is to train behavioral attitudes and skills, cleaning rooms, offices and common areas in a unit, as well as to prevent and deal with possible situations that may have an impact on the health & safety of customers and employees, at the hotel.The program is carried out within the establishment, by the method of guidance at work, and its duration depends on the need of the department.May be subsidized by the Human Resources Development Authority