HR Management in Hospitality

Hospitality is a people industry, and HR Management is a crucial function in any modern Hospitality business. When it comes to a Hotel unit, where personnel’s skills and behavior defines the quality of the offered services, it is particularly important to have effectively trained Managers and Supervisors.

This program aims to teach participants how to manage the important human resources who provide services within a hospitality operation. They will learn how to fulfill the requirements of Cyprus employment and workplace laws, and discover the latest strategies for attracting employees, minimizing turnover, and maximizing productivity.

It Includes final exams for AHLEI- academic certificate of completion, through Cyprus Hospitality Educational Institute, the AH&LEI International partner in Cyprus.

Updated content includes:

  • The impact of the post-recession economy on recruiting, selection, retention, and turnover
  • How companies use social media to learn about job applicants
  • The latest trends in effective incentive programs and industry benefits
  • The changing face of unions and new trends in organizing and collective bargaining
  • Social responsibility issues, including what companies are doing (and not doing) right


  • Employment Laws, Planning, and Staffing
  • Job Analysis and Job Design
  • Planning and Recruiting
  • Selection
  • Human Resources Development
  • Training and Development
  • Evaluating Employee Performance
  • Compensation and Labor Issues
  • Incentive and Benefits Administration
  • Labor Unions in Cyprus
  • Negotiation and Collective Bargaining
  • Safety, Discipline, and Ethics
  • Turnover, Discipline, and Exits
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Evaluation


Duration: 35 Hours
Dates: March 2021, Exact days to be published soon
After Subsidy: € (+€ VAT)
Initial Cost: € (+€ VAT)
Hours: 9:00- 12:45
Location: On-line (webinar)