Inclusion of diversity at workplace

Subsidized In-House seminar

Equality, integration, and inclusion are now more essential than ever to the survival and effective operation of a business that employs a diverse workforce.

The diversity of personnel in the labor market, urges supervisors to adapt and productively manage the individual characteristics of employees in order to ensure smooth working conditions.

On the other hand, staff need to be made aware and learn to work and cooperate harmoniously with colleagues regardless of culture, age, gender, religion and mentality.

Human resources are the most important investment of an organization. The integration of diversity in all structures of the organization, and the right procedures that ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment, are essential to achieve a balanced work environment with a developed sense of belonging, immediate resolution of work challenges and high performance of employees in individual and collective level.

By including diversity into the work environment, you can not only ensure smooth working conditions, but also convert a challenge into a strong competitive advantage.

This program aims to develop and improve diversity management practices and ensure inclusion as an integral part of your organization’s culture.

  • The diversity of Human Resources
  • The legislative framework
  • Group dynamics through inclusion
  • Awareness of diversity
  • Managing diversity in the workplace
Duration: 7 hours
Fully subsidized by HRDA
Location: At company's premises or CHEI Limassol
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