Industrial Relations and Labor Costs Seminar


The Seminar is an essential program for all employers and management teams. It offers insights into your organization’s legal obligations towards its employees and helps you interpret relevant employment legislation correctly in order to ensure your company runs smoothly and your employees are satisfied.

What you will gain

This program will educate you on basic employment laws and help you develop the skills you need to identify and solve any problems that may arise with your employees.

You will also learn how to calculate actual labor costs in order to implement a suitable remuneration system and introduce performance incentives within your organization.


  • Understanding the key aspects of the Labor Relations System and the role of the Management Team within the Organization
  • Introduction to basic Labor Laws
  • Understanding the employer’s obligations in terms of establishing employment terms
  • How to implement a suitable Remuneration System
  • Understanding of the key factors that affect the calculation of labor costs, their importance, and how costs are calculated

Who can take this course

Anyone who holds a managerial role within a company is eligible to take this course. This includes decision makers, HR managers, CEOs, General Managers, etc.


Guest Speaker

Eleni Aslani

Guest Speaker

Andys Apostolou

Industrial relations officer A at Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (Department of Labour Relations)

He will analyze the areas of focus of the “Department of Labour Inspection” and how it affects your company.

Duration: 7 Hours
Date: January 27
After Subsidy: €50,00 (+€32.11 VAT)
Initial Cost: €169,00 (+€32.11 VAT)
Hours: 9:00-17:00
CHEI (Limassol)
Language: English

The program has been approved by the HRDA. Enterprises participating with their employees who satisfy HRDA’s criteria, are entitled to subsidy.