Security and Loss Prevention Management

This best-selling program provides a comprehensive overview of a hotel’s front office and the role it plays in creating memorable guest experiences. Participants will learn how the front office interacts with other departments, strategies for keeping the front desk profitable, and how e-commerce and social networking affect front office operations.

Program objectives:

  • To develop Managerial organizational and planning skills in the field of Front Office
  • Identify the factors that affect visitors, on their stay purchase decision and the capacity to promote through modern marketing
  • Be able to work with new trends of the industry in relation to the ecological and energy management of the operation.
  • Be able to prepare costing, budgets and monitor revenues relative to costs.

It is an obligatory program for the AH&LEI “5 courses specializations” in Front Office or Rooms Division Management


  • Security and Safety in the Lodging Industry
  •  Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention
  •  Guestroom Security Equipment
  •  Lodging Safety Equipment
  •  Security Procedures Covering Guest Concerns
  • Departmental Responsibilities and Asset Protection
  • Emergency Management and Media Relations
  • Protection of Funds
  • Employee Safety
  • Insurance and Risk Management


Duration: 36 Hours
Dates: Sept. 15 - Oct. 27
After Subsity:
Initial Cost:
Location: Webinar (On-Line)