Sexual harassment at workplace

Subsidized In-House seminar.

A working environment where the corporate culture promotes the principles of equality, creates favourable framework conditions, beneficial for the employees and the business itself, preventing intolerable harassment behaviour.

The effects of sexual harassment in the workplace are particularly important for the person who experiences it, the working relationships and for the organization itself. Informing the employer and raising the awareness of the staff on the matter prevents unwanted incidents in the workplace and develops the feeling of safety and equality.

Every employer must ensure the protection of all employees from sexual harassment behaviour in the work environment, whether between colleagues, supervisors, or partners. It has the legal obligation to comply with the “Equal Treatment of Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Training Law” and to take all necessary measures to deal with offensive or unwanted acts of a sexual nature.

Everything you need to know about the provisions of the Cypriot legislation! Improve the procedures and practices for the prevention and management of sexual harassment in your company.

  • What is sexual harassment? 
  • Legislative framework 
  • Coping in the workplace 
  • Prevention and management by the employer
Duration: 7 hours
Fully subsidized by HRDA
Location: At company's premises or CHEI Limassol
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