Sustainable Tourism Development


Sustainable Tourism Development -Criteria for Certification

The new trends for the upcoming years in tourism, according to recent studies, will be: An ever-increasing trend for individual trips – Search and development of alternative forms of tourism – Decreasing average age of tourists – Prioritizing health, safety but also environmental factors for the choice of a destination. The economic and energy crisis, the inflationary pressures affecting all of Europe, war and geopolitical instability impose a different perspective on tourism.

Sustainable tourism development is the great challenge of our time.

The overall objective of this training program is to provide tourism executives with the necessary knowledge and tools to:

  • become familiar with, assimilate and utilize the criteria and indicators of sustainability tourism, so that they are encouraged to plan and implement the change in the operational model of their business towards sustainability tourism.
  • promote (marketing) the sustainable tourism
  • calculate the economic benefits of these practices for the business
  • start the practical preparation of their business under the guidance of the facilitator/trainer

Who can take this course

Senior and top executives of companies, who participate in one of the levels of planning, planning & control of the implementation of decisions of the company in the fields of management, marketing, human resources, public relations & communication, assurance of quality standards, new products/services and others related to previous.
Therefore, those participating should cover one of the following situations:
• Owners, actively engaged and employed in the business.
• General Managers and Business Managers.
• Managers in Organizational units (Directorates or Departments) with decision-making responsibilities in the areas mentioned above.
• Executives who may in the future have a direct relationship with one or more of the 4 groups of sustainability criteria.

Duration: 14 hrs + 4 hrs per company (practical part)
Dates: November 28&29, 2023
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Limassol CHEI
Initial Cost: €1.530 (+€290.70 VAT)
Company cost after subsidy: €0