Team Building

Improving Human Relations and Professional Behaviour!

Teamwork is a prerequisite for efficient work.

The smooth execution of tasks, the increase of productivity and the immediate solution of the challenges stem from a good and cooperative corporate climate.

The goal of this program is to raise the awareness of trainees on the importance of teamwork in the workplace, providing them with the knowledge and skills that will lead to effective inter-company communication and respect for different individual characteristics.

It covers the basic skills we all need for successful collaboration. From setting common goals to open communication and building trust and respect.

Create a positive corporate culture and make your business a better place for someone to work. Instill in your teams the right mindset, educating them about diversity, communication skills, and awareness.

Fully subsidized by HRDA!
Main Topics
  • The importance of team spirit
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Development of professional relations
  • Effective teams
Who can take this course

The course programme is targeted to all personnel from all the organisation’s levels

Duration: 7 hours
Place: At your premises or our Educational Center (CHEI)
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