Customer Service & Handling Complaints

Duration: 12 Hours

The “moment of truth” for every company is the time of service, where the customer is in front of the service provider and satisfaction is considered. Excellent customer service means understanding customers’ needs and offering services that exceed their expectations. The program is designed to fully support the work of service, understand the principles of service and handle complaints and difficult customers.

After the program, participants will be able to create a possible impression before customers in order to build and retain customer base. They shall be able to apply Techniques that increase satisfaction. They will tap into human relationships to increase sales and productivity.

Promoting Sales & Up-Selling

Duration: 14 Hours

Upselling is a common strategy for business to boost their profits. By training your staff in ways to sell more, you can help improve business. Up selling is more than sales; it requires perception, knowledge and discretion. At its best, up selling can look less like sales and more like customer service; effective techniques should be subtle enough to avoid annoying the customer or making them feel pestered.

Upon completion of the course, trainees will be able to determine the product and the appropriate time for additional sales, use a customer-cantered selling approach to provide value and manage the customer relationship on an ongoing basis.

Foreign Language for Business

Duration: 30 Hours

Greek is the official language of the Island. English is the worldwide language of communication. The Russian market is now claiming a sizable share, as well as German especially in Tourism. The ability by employees of a business to communicate verbally is now a necessity, since this increase both the quality of communication, and the quality of satisfaction of customers.

The course should provide the participants with the substantial knowledge of a language and enable them to perform a wide variety of realistic tasks through the medium of oral and written material drawn from authentic sources. The program focuses on the daily communicative situations and aims to develop elementary language skills.

Languages: Greek, English, Russian, German.

Russian for Hospitality Professionals

Duration: 30 Hours

As Russian market is  claiming a sizable share in Tourism, the ability by Hospitality employees to communicate verbally is  a necessity. The program focuses on the daily communicative situations in real circumstances in the Hotel, Catering and other Tourism Operations.

Duration:  ……………… 30 hours

Initial Cost: ……………. € 450 +VAT (€85.50)

After Subsity: ………… € 90 +VAT (€85.50)



Hours: ………………….. 09:00 – 12:00

Living Organization Culture

Duration: 8 Hours

In modern management, in order to achieve your goal and objectives, the background that defines Corporate Culture must be created and cultivated.  In order to achieve this goal, it is essential for all employees to feel that they are important, something that will make them feel part of the Organization. In turn, they will be able to have satisfied customers, resulting in a healthy and competitive organization.

The Program, aims the development of Corporate Culture, enhance personal influence skills in a positive way and developing a corporate culture based on the vision and goals of the Organization.

Industrial Relations & Labor Cost

Duration: 7 Hours

A vital program for Industrial Relation and the working system in Cyprus. The program is aiming to help Managers to know the obligations of their business, to wisely interpret legislations, so they can work for the benefit of both their employees and the business in the long run.

In the first part, the program informs you about the laws, and enhances your skills in identifying and resolving employment issues.

In the second part, it helps you calculate the actual cost of labor cost, so you can determine the remuneration system as well as the performance incentives within your organization.

Development Management & Supervisory Skills

Duration: 14 Hours

From newly appointed managers to those who have been in harness for a while, good management skills are essential for  success. Employees development to supervisory/ managerial positions through internal promotion is a practice that distinguishes successful businesses and brings out their philosophy as employers.

Too often good people start off with high hopes and expectations but end up either leaving their management role or becoming demotivated. That doesn’t need to happen.

becoming demotivated. That doesn’t need to happen.supervisors/ managers in their newly assigned tasks, aiming to train them join the management group and set objectives, while turning them into efficient, dynamic leaders.

Increase Productivity through Motivation & Team Building

Duration: 8-14 Hours

The success of any organization is determined by the productivity of its employees. Better communication between employees can increase your organizations’ efficiency and productivity. By building a strong team, your employees will also feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the business. You can motivate your employee’s team building by providing opportunities for employees to work together and by empowering employees to improve their skills and abilities.

The goals of the program, are to enhance your productivity, improve the performance of your Teams and make the distinction between being Busy and being Productive. Boost productivity by improving Goal Focus, learn to correctly prioritize your work and Improve Positive Mental Attitude.

Interviewing Techniques

Duration: 8 Hours

“We recruit for attitude and train for skills”. This principle of HR management reveals how important and how complex staffing can be to companies. Individuals who are charged with the responsibility of interviewing candidates whether in an organized HR department, or in a small business, should know and understand in depth the dynamics of interviews, the different selection techniques and different approaches.

This Training program is designed to provide executives with all the necessary skills and knowledge related to the selection of staff and the allocation of tasks.

Developing a Performance Appraisal System

Duration: 14 Hours

“You can administer only what you can measure,” said the famous Peter Drucker, and it precisely applies in the case of Human Resources. Staff assessment, when performed systematically and fairly, not only allows the Management to control and improve, but mainly acts as a motivational tool for employees, who know what constitutes successful behavior.

The program is essential in helping the Managers to understand the importance of evaluation and staff performance development, to brainstorm and define the policy of evaluation and development efficiency. Been able to effectively carry out the process in accordance with the standards and use of the results for productivity growth and quality of services, is of great importance.

Budgeting Techniques

Duration: 7 Hours

In a highly competitive world, the key to maintaining and improving profit is to increase revenue and control costs. Increasing revenue is often difficult but making budgeting and cost control is vital for the success of any organisation. This highly interactive training course will provide delegates with the practical tools and techniques to enable them to prepare, manage and control budgets to ensure improved performance.

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to Develop the appropriate techniques for effective budgeting as part of the planning process, they will develop and effectively control budgets and shall provide budgeting knowledge that can be shared for the benefit of your company.