Techniques To Increase Sales

The development of sales of each company is achieved in two ways: By increasing the clientele or increasing the cost per customer. Growing a sales business faces a range of challenges. The requirements to have a skillful sales staff and the need for exceptional skills increase day by day. In order for your team to succee in sales, we have designed a practical and direct educational based program.

The advanced principles of  sale and the different techniques and approaches will enhance participants  familiarize with the upselling techniques and how to promote products and services with an emphasis on value and not on price.



Upon completion of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Determine the product and the appropriate time for additional sales

  • Characteristics of different selling models, types and structures

  • Planning to achieve sales goals

  • Use a customer-centered selling approach to provide value

  • Manage the customer relationship on an on going basis


  • Knowing your products and services
  • Knowing your clientele
  • Types and methods of sales
  • Get their interest
  • Up selling and cross selling
  • The steps for a sale