Wine knowledge and Serving techniques

With consumers increasingly clued-up about wine, it is ever more important to educate your service team with training in wine. Increasing customer satisfaction, comes from servers feeling confident about recommending wines that actually compliment your dishes. If you want to increase revenue from wine sales, you are probably better off training your staff first. The program is designed to help waiters, acquire knowledge on wine, combining with their first-class service skills, and promote their sales, especially through wine tasting and naming techniques.

Some of the skills learned on this program include:

  • Expanding knowledge in wine making, vinification methods and technological applications
  • Distinguishing the aromas of wines (White, Red)
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills of tasting and grading varieties
  • Development and trial of modern serving techniques
  • Identify different styles of wine and major factors affecting wine quality
  • Understand functions of winery equipment, and the process of alcohol fermentation
  • Identify and perform wine filtration techniques, wine development and blending

Facilitator: Kostas Konstantinou

Guest speakers:

  • Xenophon Lambrou: The importance of using the right glass in wine
  • Christos Sokolis:       Trends of wine in the catering industry
  • Costas Tsiakkas:       Cyprus vineyards and local varieties


  • Introduction to wine (Principles of viticulture and oncology)
  • Wine Production Process
  • Main varieties and types of wines
  • Oenogerography
  • Preparation and serving Wine
  • WineTasting


Duration:            14 hours
Initial Cost:          € 300 (+VAT 57,00)
After Subsity:      € 132 (+VAT 57,00)
Dates:                14 & 19 Dec 2018
Hours:                09:00 – 17:00
Location:            Limassol

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