Planning and Control for Food and Bevarage Operations

The course:

This is an essential management program, that introduces Hospitality key staff to the control processes used to reduce costs and increase efficiency in food and beverage operations. The course explores how planning and control functions can help operations work smarter, compete for market share, and provide value to guests.

This well designed course has a greater focus on point-of-sale systems and other new technologies and how they contribute to control processes and procedures.  New “Effective Control Tactic” features throughout the program highlight basic principles of effective food and beverage management.

Participants: Heads or Supervisors in F & B  Departments, Chefs, Owners and Managers in Restaurant and Bars

Instructors: Distinguished trainers and Guest speakers, the Advisory Guidance of Certified Trainers (CHT) AH& LEl


  • The Challenge of F & B Operations
  • The Control Function
  • The Menu: The Foundation for Control
  • Operations Budgeting and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Determining Food and Beverage Standards
  • Purchasing and Receiving Controls
  • Storing and Issuing Controls
  • Þ Production and Serving Controls
  • Calculating Actual Food and Beverage Costs
  • Control: Analysis, Corrective Action, and Evaluation
  • Revenue Control
  • Preventing Theft of Revenue
  • Labor Cost Control


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