Security and Loss Prevention Management

The course:

This course has been designed substantially to reflect safety and security issues of current concern within the hospitality industry. Its aiming to presents best practices and guidance related to risk management in the hospitality workplace.


Participants, as part of Management, benefit since content of this course takes a broader and more global view of the issues, and focuses on identification and mediation of a variety of safety and security concerns.


Participants : Security, Rooms Division or Front Office Managers, Housekeepers and Management key staff

Instructors: Taught by distinguished instructors, the mentoring of Certified Trainers (CHT) of AH& LEl


  •  Security and Safety in the Lodging Industry
  •  Legal Aspects of Loss Prevention
  •  Guestroom Security Equipment
  •  Lodging Safety Equipment
  •  Security Procedures Covering Guest Concerns
  • Departmental Responsibilities and Asset Protection
  • Emergency Management and Media Relations
  • Protection of Funds
  • Employee Safety
  • Insurance and Risk Management


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